Stay Bonus

Even before the COVID pandemic and the so-called “great resignation”, many organizations faced a struggle to keep mission critical employees from leaving for greener pastures. Today the situation is worse as current economic conditions have created the perfect job-seeker’s [...]

IUL Sales Ideas and Long-Term Care

More and more of your customers are demanding Life Insurance products that include Long Term Care protection. What if they cannot health qualify for a Long Term Care rider? Mutual of Omaha offers a unique IUL product that ALWAYS [...]

Underwriting with North American

Chris Regione, Chief Underwriter with North American will be joining BREW and discussing why certain things should be included when submitting a case. This will be a great opportunity to learn about and discuss key points regarding the underwriting [...]

Pension Maximization

Watch this BREW to see how E4 Insurance Services can provide you with a customized presentation for your clients with a pension. We will help you explain the pros and cons of our exclusive Pension Max Strategy with respect [...]

Symetra Swift Term

If your New Year’s Resolution was to make your business more efficient for 2022– be sure to watch this BREW to hear about Symetra’s innovative SwiftTerm program and the new Extra Coverage program (permanent coverage without more underwriting!). SwiftTerm’s [...]

Enhanced Death Benefits on Fixed Indexed Annuities

Fixed Indexed Annuities (FIA) have been growing in popularity as both a protected growth tool, and a lifetime income tool. As more insurers add Enhanced Death Benefit options to their FIA offerings, a growing number of advisers are starting [...]

Turning Taxable Assets Earmarked For LTC Into Tax-Free

Do you have client’s that are concerned about extended care planning? Have they been putting off having a discussion with you about how best to pay for their care? On the next BREW, we are going to focus on [...]

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