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E4IS Proprietary Analysis Tools

Not only does life change, but life insurance products change over time. That’s why it’s important for you to have a regular client review practice in place. Trust, credibility, and long-term relationships are just the beginning to the benefits of scheduling reviews.

Many individuals have outdated policies that are not performing as the owner originally hoped, or have the entirely wrong policy for what their needs are. Dan Peterson, E4IS President and Managing Partner, developed this exclusive review process that specifically identifies how to maximize a policy by using the latest innovations, products, and financial strategies. Log into your Advisor Portal to see an example of how this process can benefit your client.

Our proprietary Annuity Inspection Report identifies costs and opportunities with existing annuities to help advisors see in a clear easy to read format what clients own now. Since needs change over time products should as well. We can help you to analyze your existing book to determine which clients might be ready for a change.

This analysis highlights the benefits of utilizing Annuity income to purchase life insurance as a means to maximize the amount left to heirs.

Our exclusive analysis highlights the benefits of utilizing IRA money to purchase life insurance as a means to maximize the amount left for heirs. Log into your Advisor Portal to see how this can benefit your client.

Long-Term Care coverage is a necessity to protect finances in retirement years. All levels of care costs continue to rise every year and can be detrimental to personal savings. Our exclusive review details what is needed and identifies how to get it. Log into your Advisor Portal to see an example of how this can benefit your client.

E4IS exclusive analysis highlights the benefits of utilizing Pension income to purchase life insurance as a means to maximize the amount left to heirs.


We offer access to a range of fixed products through various carriers. For clients looking to avoid the markets and get guaranteed returns or turns existing funds into immediate income we can help guide you to the best option for the current need.

For those clients seeking more upside potential without the risks of investing, indexed annuities can offer the best of both worlds. We have partnerships that give us access to a wide selection of products to help your clients access safe growth with the ability to turn existing funds into future coverage for nursing care or income needs.

For wealthy individuals, the reason behind an annuity might be to pass on funds to the next generation. Knowing the purpose in advance can help ensure funds are placed in the right product. Planning ahead allows future generations to keep more of what they inherit.


For clients still in their working years, it is important to consider the loss that would occur if they lost the ability to earn a living. We are able to guide our advisors to the right solution for protecting clients throughout their working years.

Designed to provide monthly income benefits in the event of either a partial or totally disability.  There are many ways to structure depending upon need and budget of the client.

Designed to provide a discount and underwriting programs depending upon the demographics of the group.  It can possibly lead to guaranteed standard issue, where DI coverage is offered to multiple employees through one sale.  It offers an easy underwriting process on the group, evaluated as a whole.

Designed to reimburse small-business owners for normal and customary expenses to maintain the business as a going concern after a disability. For example, sole proprietors, partners, closely held corporations with a location other than the home.

Designed to provide the claim determination and funds to assist with the purchase of the insured’s interest in a business in the event of a long term disability.

Designed to provide an employer the funds to replace a key employee in the event of a long term disability.

Long-Term Care Insurance

The number of individuals that require home care, assisted living, or nursing home care continue to increase every year.  Traditional Long-Term Care plans are suitable for some, but for others may have short-comings. Combining life insurance with a Long-Term Care plan can provide access to options not offered by traditional plans, which can remove uncertainty in life by choosing what is best for an individual’s lifestyle.

As clients age the reality that many people will ultimately need skilled nursing care can be hard to avoid. As the odds tip further towards the need for some skilled nursing care the discussion of how to pay for that care becomes much more pressing. For many the most cost effective method of protection is likely to be purchasing a traditional Long-Term Care policy.

Life or annuity products with built in Long-Term Care riders can offer a more elegant solution to the question of buying long term care. With products that will pass along fund to the next generation if the client dies but can also pay for care costs for the duration of a life, clients can be prepared for any scenario. These products will pay a benefit for Long-Term or Chronic Care without the potential for rising premiums. Additionally, if care is not needed there remains a legacy benefit for the next generation.


The first thing that comes to mind when life insurance is mentioned is the traditional single life policy, which is the most common for personal needs. We believe that everyone should have at least some coverage that meets this criteria to save loved ones from the financial stresses that come with the death of an individual. However, many individuals do not have enough insurance to achieve this. Determining the correct amount and finding the right carrier involves getting to know the individual needs and challenges – which is exactly what we do. Use our free Life Insurance Calculator and Instant Quoter to determine your needs, get quotes from top carriers, and apply in only minutes.

Nearly 97% of farms and ranches in the Unites States are owned or operated by families, but the majority of those families do not have a transition plan in place for when the times comes to pass the business onto their children. This program is designed to help eliminate chance and risk by going through five elements of transition planning: succession planning, business planning, risk management, financial independence planning, and estate planning.

E4IS has four consultants that are certified in this carefully crafted program designed to protect family farms.

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Estate planning can be a real challenge—even with a will in place. Life insurance death benefit proceeds can provide the liquidity needed to pay off debt, replace income, supplement retirement income, create an equitable inheritance between heirs, and even provide protection for businesses.

An executive bonus arrangement can be a powerful, yet simple way to provide a valuable benefit for company owners and key employees. The benefits acquired through a life insurance policy that builds cash value are a combination of death benefit coverage and the policy’s accumulated cash surrender value. An executive bonus plan acts as a rewarding incentive for individuals who are vital to the success of your business.

The death of a business owner or partner can be an uncertain time for the life of a business. A buy-sell agreement can help protect you and your business from the effects of unintended or unwelcome transfers of ownership. It may also help protect your heirs, by giving them an opportunity to turn shares into cash. In addition, many consider it important to develop a plan to help surviving family members or owners fund the transfer of ownership of the business. By purchasing a life insurance policy to fund your buy-sell agreement, you can help protect and extend the life of your business.

Most companies have a person whose position is vital to the success of the business. A key person may be an owner, partner, or employee without whom your business would suffer serious consequences, such as loss of credit, loss of key accounts, diminished earnings, unexpected replacement costs, or even the loss of your remaining employees’ confidence in the future of the company. Ultimately, every business will be in this position sooner or later, due to a death, disability, or a key employee deciding to leave the company.

The primary purpose of life insurance is to provide a death benefit to beneficiaries. It can be designed to meet your clients’ changing needs with features such as a flexible death benefit and flexible premiums. The death benefit protection can make life insurance an attractive choice for establishing a self-completing plan to help fund a college education. Permanent life insurance that can accumulate cash value may be used to help pay for college costs.