Q2 “Huddle Up” with Dan and Brendon

Dan Peterson and Brendon DeRouin, Managing Partners of E4 Insurance Services, will lead today's BREWcast to discuss a recap of the biggest takeaways from our annual BBT (Building Business Together) meeting, other upcoming events, industry current events, and quarterly [...]

Live Better, Leave More

“I am not going to retire this year.” Have you heard that from a client due to the recent market pullback? Watch this BREW to see a solution for that client! We will share this personalized approach which will [...]

Non-Qualified Annuity Max with Bill Anderson

Do you have clients that have old Non-Qualified Annuities? Maybe they are old VA’s purchased for income guarantees? Maybe they started as an alternative to savings to get better returns and tax-deferred growth? Maybe they became a CD alternative [...]

Northstar Funding Partners NEW I.R.A.

The Insured Retirement Advantage® redefines the application and potential benefits of life insurance premium finance. Customarily the financing of premiums has been reserved for higher net worth borrowers – who have the asset base, income and risk tolerance to [...]

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