The Insured Retirement Advantage® redefines the application and potential benefits of life insurance premium finance. Customarily the financing of premiums has been reserved for higher net worth borrowers – who have the asset base, income and risk tolerance to manage sophisticated transactions. The Northstar I.R.A.® is a unique solution that delivers financing to a customer segment that typically would not qualify for traditional loan arrangements. The I.R.A.® offers an ultra-competitive interest rate spread and all the core features of large-case financing.

  • Borrower can define the situs of the loan
  • Policy ownership defined by the planning scenario
  • Streamlined underwriting process
  • Annual out of pocket cost range from five to ten years
  • Customized loan modeling
  • Consumer level brochure and explanatory material
  • Loan is projected to be fully collateralized exclusively with policy cash surrender value – no illustrated gap collateral!

We will compare/contrast the loan with traditional designs and take a detailed look at a sample case.