E4IS welcomes back Linas Sudzius, President – Advanced Underwriting Consultants. We so appreciate the insights and advanced markets support that Linas provides! Always informative, Always insightful! Be sure to listen in to learn:

The federal government has implemented deadlines for dealing with Roth and traditional IRAs. These dates can be confusing for financial professionals and their clients. In an attempt to bring order to the chaos, we will discuss many of the common dates relevant to IRA planning in this newsletter, including:

  • Contribution deadlines for traditional IRAs, as well as SEPs and SIMPLEs
  • Conversion deadlines, including those for backdoor Roths
  • The last dates to cure an excess contribution for a particular year

Our objective is to create a useful calendar hat may be used as a tool to remind clients of relevant deadlines during the course of a year.