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Every Wednesday from 12-12:15 PM CST, E4IS invites a guest speaker to discuss concepts, trends, products and more. Can’t make it? Life happens. Because we don’t want you to miss anything, we post them here. 
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E4’s “Focused Planning Series” (FPS) will have a monthly theme in our SecurE4life newsletter, emails, and BREWs.
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Annuity Awareness Month

Guidance on Proper Handling of Inherited Money
Doug Twiddy, Director of Annuities
Ken Boothe, Advanced Consulting Group, Nationwide
Using RMD’s to Fund Your Legacy
Doug Twiddy, Director of Annuities
Josh Meester, Regional Vice President
Doug Twiddy, Director of Annuities
Phil Haug, Senior VP, Sales

Worksite & Voluntary GI

NO BREW – Holiday Week
Guaranteed and Simplified Issue Underwriting for Worksite Benefits and Executive Benefits
Phil Haug, Senior VP, Sales
Steve Walker, VP of Institutional Accounts
NO BREW – Internal Event
Innovative Executive Benefits – Helping Your Top Talent Fund Their LTC Using Simplified Issue IUL
Steve Walker, VP of Institutional Accounts
Matt Fitzpatrick, Regional VP, John Hancock
Capstone – Worksite & Voluntary GI
Phil Haug, Senior VP, Sales
Steve Walker, VP of Institutional Accounts

Different Deferred Compensation Strategies for Different Types of Employees

Dave Soczek returns to the BREW to discuss compensation strategies for your business owner clients. We'll review common issues and solutions. Dave works with other financial professionals throughout the country to provide solutions to many of the issues their business clients face, such as recruiting, rewarding, and retaining key employees; correcting deficiencies in current benefit plans; Bank Owned Life [...]

April 17th, 2024|BREW, Case Study, Networking|

April’s Focused Planning Series Case Study: Estate Planning

E4’s Dan Peterson and Brendon DeRouin dove into a case study discussing the Montgomery's, a high-net-worth couple in their early 50s. They reside in Minnesota and possess substantial assets, including multiple properties, investments, and a thriving business. Concerned about state and federal estate taxes, they aim to optimize their estate plan to maximize preservation while ensuring their family's financial [...]

Estate Planning in the Current Environment

Brett Berg, Vice President, Advanced Marketing at Prudential and an attorney, is joining us to discuss Estate Planning in the Current Environment. Based on the anticipated change to the exemption amount, it may seem obvious that clients should make large gifts before 2026. However, the decision whether to make a gift, what amount it should be, and how it [...]

April 3rd, 2024|BREW, Estate Planning, Focused Planning Series|

Protecting Your Business by Protecting Your Key People

Who is a major driver of revenue for your business? Mason McKinnie from Principal joined us to talk about learning more about protecting your business from the involuntary or voluntary departure of your top people. Reward and retain your best employees by providing benefits that match their contributions. Make them feel like owners without having to give them ownership. [...]

March 27th, 2024|BREW, Focused Planning Series|
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