Private Placement Life Insurance (PPLI)

Are you working with any UHNWIs? Ultra-High Net Worth Individuals frequently face unique estate and tax challenges not experienced by most of your clients. On the next episode of the BREW, hear from Daniel Davies with Prudential who will [...]

Ultra-High Net Worth Client (Case Study)

Dan Peterson, President of E4 Insurance Services will have a conversation with Star Advisor, Zach Schnitzler. They’ll be sharing a specific estate planning case they worked for one of Zach's Ultra-High Net Worth clients. As Congress continues to implement [...]

Estate Planning Perils and Pitfalls – Part 2

Watch Eric Christoffersen's conclusion of this special 2-part series on Estate Planning. Recap of the series: As financial advisors, being able to spot legal landmines in your clients’ estate planning can be a huge value added and earn your [...]

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