Top 10 Advisors

Thank you for your partnership and the determination
you provide to your clients! We remain dedicated to assisting you
in knowledge, growth, and success!

The Top 10 are rated by placed business YTD and updated monthly.


Roger Vandermus
Barbara Halperin
Stacy Norton
Robert Hatch
Chris Pezalla
Lance Rustand
Walter Roth
Kit Tiell
Trina Hanner
Jordan Sathoff


Courtney McCann
Jerry Smith
Martin Jawor
Jesse Stenke

Bernard Lowe
Noah Sanders
William LaVanne
Allan Berg
James Osborn
Rick Cluck


Zach Schnitzler
Adam Bergen
Justin Cramer
Chris Henderson
Lenora Pella
Todd Willihnganz
Corey Schmidt
Brent Chmielewski
Kenneth Courts
Greg Imhoff


Jeff Breault
Greg Schaeffer
Stacy Norton
Lynn Waddell
Kit Tiell
Heidi Alten
Philip Postlewaite
Roger Vandermus
James Bodensteiner
Garrett Boyd