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Doug Twiddy
Director of Annuities

Doug has spent 15-years assisting financial planners and wealth advisors with guidance on proper planning strategies for their clients. As an expert on annuities, advisors rely on his knowledge for recommending the correct product or financial strategy based on the varying needs of their clients. Many times, this results in a custom layering of products to maximize their clients value and nudge ahead of the competition. Doug truly enjoys strategy planning sessions with advisors to find the perfect outcome for each client.

Annuities typically revolve around the retirement and decumulation stage of life. This is also the time that Social Security plays a major role in someone’s life. Doug has traveled all over his home state of Virginia to host Social Security workshops for advisors. He can help maneuver the difficult waters of claiming Social Security at the appropriate age, the impact of taxes based on provisional income, and the impact of fund values in different retirement buckets. Many clients also have a pension they need to determine how to claim. Doug built a Pension Maximization Analyzer which will take other income, Social Security benefits, and taxes into consideration and prepare an 18-page presentation on which option to choose and why. Advisors are always grateful for the assistance of pulling all the pieces together of maximizing retirement income.

Understanding the best way to balance a client’s needs like maximizing net retirement income, proper wealth transfer, and protection of assets from Long-Term Care (LTC) concerns is just part of his work. While he does not consider himself a salesperson, he does enjoy conference calls with an advisor and their clients to help explain the features and values of certain products being recommended. Doug will bring confidence, product knowledge, and a good connection to the call so you can focus on carrying your client through the phases of retirement as you intended.

When Doug isn’t working, he and his wife Ashley enjoy spending time with their 4 children, Kaylee, Lilli, Damian, and Lucas. Doug spent 5 years as a Scoutmaster of Troop 705 where he earned his Eagle Scout, served as President of the Bayhill Pointe Swim Team, is the current Director of the Bayhill Point Swim Team, sits on the board of the Chesterfield Aquatics League, and has coached multiple Smith Association Baseball/Softball Teams for his children. He is an active community member, avid outdoor enthusiast, and active student at The American College of Financial Services.